Friday, September 23, 2016

"Never Let Me Go" Single Available Everywhere!

  WORLD!!! Family, friends, human beings of all sorts! My song "Never Let Me Go" is available to own RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT!!! How cool is that?! It's blowing my mind right now! As of this very moment, you can buy the song on iTunes, the Google Play Music Store, Amazon MP3, YouTube Music, and any other music-downloading place you could think of! It's also on Spotify which, honestly, is only cool because Spotify is popular but I don't make any money from it. Aaanyway, I would like to quickly thank some people if that's alright with you.
  This song is for everyone at First Christian. I love every single one of you. The worship team, the Zombie Initiative, and everyone else, you guys are my family. I wrote this song with all of you in mind every step of the way. I pushed past nerves and insecurity to share it with you all on Sundays and Wednesdays and received nothing but love and support which I will forever be grateful for. For a while, I didn't even want to put this song out as my own because I never imagined it as mine, I have only ever seen it as ours. I hope that this song will bless you guys and that we can continue to worship our Father together each and every week as one family.
  This song is for my blood family as well. Thank you to my mom and sisters for leaving the house numerous amounts of times so that I could work on recording it. You guys may not think you contributed but you certainly did. You guys inspire me more than you know! I'd also like to thank Mary Rose specifically because I mean, do you guys hear those harmonies?
  This song is for my dad. He told me to change the bridge a long time ago and I think that what's there now is such an important piece to the song. For so long, it was difficult to convey to him my vision for the song but he never stopped having an open ear for what I wanted to accomplish musically and emotionally. I would never have this song sounding the way it does without him. Thank you Poppa for your unwavering support, for putting in just as much work as me in this process, and for inspiring me 24/7 to keep pursuing who I want to be in God and the kind of music I want to make.
  And of course, this song is for God. That's what a worship song is, isn't it? I started working on this song probably a year ago and for the longest time, I only had the chorus. In the end, I had to experience a bit more of the pain I would be singing about to get the honest lyrics. Today, 100% by God's grace, I am through the fire that I was fighting when this song was written and I am so thankful to be able to say that. To me, this song resembles hope for a new day, for a bright future. Whatever you, reading this right now, are going through... you're gonna be free of it one day, I promise. I hope that this song will inspire you to stand tall through the hurt and that one day, you can hear the words of this song again and realize, wow, I made it through that storm. Because to me, this song is more about peace and hope than it is pain and sorrow. It's not a song saying, "I'm in such overwhelming pain but I guess God is still with me," no, this song proudly and faithfully declares, "I'm in over my head, but my God is not!" Let this song be your declaration. I say that not because I wrote it and want you to buy it and like it or whatever, I say that because I believe God gave me these words for a reason. And that reason certainly isn't to have someone's approval or some spare change. Again, I hope this song can be an encouragement to you in whatever you're going through and definitely share it with any friend or relative that you think needs to hear its message as well. Thanks a million you guys! Love you all.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Our First Open Mic Night

  Hey everyone! Mary Rose and I have been working hard on our debut album (from which more information will soon be revealed) and I cannot express how truly exciting it is! We're so ready to share these songs with you and we're working to make that happen by the end of this year. However, these exciting times are not only a product of working on the album because last Friday, we played at our very first open mic night! It was very last minute and didn't go at all as expected, but in the very best way possible. For me personally, it was truly an inspiring night. In the time leading up to our performance, I was trying my best not to make a big deal out of it in my head so that I wouldn't get nervous or anything. I really didn't think or feel at all and I just tried to stay confident in the fact that Mary Rose and I already had experience playing in front of people. When the moment came and we began to play our first song, everything lit up inside of me and I was filled with so much confidence and joy! As I said, it was a very inspiring night and I cannot wait to play again. I want to give a special thanks to the place that put on the event, Journey Coffee Co. They now have an open mic night on the first Friday of every month and we plan on coming to as many as we can! If you'd like to come see us, check out their website here to find their address and other coolness. We ended up playing three more songs than we had originally expected and my wonderful mother filmed all four songs! You can check them out below but please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel right here. Also, if our music brings a smile to your face at all, please share that happiness with all your friends because spreading happiness through music is what we're all about! Thanks for all your love and support. Now, please enjoy our live performances from Journey Coffee Co.

"Heathens" by twenty one pilots

"Save Me" by Elenowen

"Beautiful Things" by Tori Kelly

"Distance" by Christina Perri & Jason Mraz

Monday, July 11, 2016

"Run" Acoustic + Song Story + Music Announcement

What's up everybody?! Are you happy? Excited? Nervous? Well I am all of those things today! As you probably know, Mary Rose and I started a YouTube channel a couple months ago and since then, we've posted lots of covers and a few little extra videos in our inconsistent-by-design series, Surpriseday. At the beginning however, we posted a (poor quality) live recording of an original song called “Never Let Me Go” that my dad and I wrote for our church. With this video and the start of our channel, Mary Rose and I promised more original songs to come. Today, we are fulfilling that promise! Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you… “Run”.

Okay, first things first: rehashing. You heard us right, Mary Rose and I are working on our very first album! As of right now, we haven't written all of the songs and there is no title, release date, or complete tracklist, so this is definitely not an album announcement. However, we have made a significant amount of progress on it and we wanted to start letting you guys know so you can all be excited with us! For me personally, this thing has been a long time coming. I've been writing these songs for a couple years now and recording them has been so emotionally freeing and exciting. To know that you guys get to hear them within the year is honestly a dream come true. This album will be fully recorded in my house, right by my front door on GarageBand. We aren't renting a studio or signed to a label or mass releasing physical copies or getting a front-page banner on iTunes, but you know what? That's the beauty of it. For a while, I didn't want to release these songs until I could do all of those things but that's really unrealistic. Instead, I realize now how beautiful this album will be because it's going to feel like home. I hope that it feels like home to all of you, regardless of where home is for you. We will keep you all posted on our Instagram and our YouTube channel!
And now, for those interested, I'd like to share the story behind “Run”. This song is about love and a specific aspect of love that we can tend to neglect in a world full of darkness. It's so easy to succumb to the negatives of life that fight so hard to get into our hearts and minds. If we allow this to happen, it can affect every aspect of our lives, including our relationships. For me personally, I have made this mistake before and please take my word for it when I say that it is no kind of fun. This song is inspired by the lesson that I learned from that mistake and by the advice of my wonderful parents: love is supposed to be fun. Now, my parents and I both know that love isn't perfect, it's not always fun. However, what the lyrics of this song acknowledge is that focusing on the negatives, the times when love is hard, will get you nowhere. There is so much hope for every couple out there, you just need to hold on to that truth and simply be in love. Don't overcomplicate, don't hold grudges, don't drown in your personal or collective sorrows, just be in love. So, that's what “Run” is about and I hope that some of you guys can relate to it because it sure means a lot to me. We've got plenty more songs to share with you guys in the coming months and we are so excited for this new season of music we’re RUNning into! Sorry, I think in puns. Again, be sure to follow our Instagram and subscribe to our channel to stay up to date on our new music! Thank you guys for all of your love and support, it means so much more than you know. Talk to you soon!

Monday, May 23, 2016

"Never Let Me Go" Live Debut at Zombinit Outbreak

Why hello there! It’s been far too long. I have some surprising news… I’m actually gonna keep up with this thing for once. Crazy, I know. And the reason I can say that is because I now have something else to keep me in the habit of posting. I am so excited to announce that my sister Mary Rose and I are going to start posting covers to YouTube! We have been planning this for a while and we’re so ready to share our music with you. Starting today, we are going to post a new video EVERY. SINGLE. MONDAY. That way, we can help you kick off your week the right way, with music and love. If you would like to subscribe to us, be sure to click here to visit our channel. Oh man, I’m so excited!

And let me be clear, we aren’t just going to be a regular music channel that posts covers of every song that’s been in the top five on iTunes. Mary Rose and I are going to be posting creative, fun covers aaand… waaait fooor iiit… original music too. That’s right, all-by-ourselves big-kid songs written by us! I’m super nervous but also very excited for the world to hear these songs that have been on my heart for months, some of them over a year. For each original song, you can expect to see a song story right here on my blog where I share the writing process and the personal meaning and importance of each song. I’ve honestly almost started writing all of those posts already because that part is exciting to me. I finally feel like a real songwriter, haha.
Today marks our first video and yes, it is an original song! This video was recorded last Wednesday at our youth group, the Zombie Initiative and it is the first new original song played at our church in several years. Something my dad and I have talked about with each other a lot lately is where we see our worship team going next. We’ve got some big dreams. My dad of course has written an entire album of worship songs and we still sing like one of them in church today (jk, love you poppa). However, we have both expressed to each other that we would like to start writing and playing new songs for our church. We feel like if we play songs that have a very personal meaning to us as a worship team, we can play with more passion and in turn lead the congregation into more passionate worship. The song below is our very first song in this new chapter of our worship team.
I wrote “Never Let Me Go” with a little help from my dad who changed about four words and told me to write a completely different bridge than what I originally had… which was definitely a good idea, haha. I’ve been sitting on this song for months now and I am so thankful that I finally played it. This song is a very honest prayer about God’s faithfulness in our dark times. One thing that I have learned in my walk with God is that sometimes, when I’m at my lowest point, His presence and love make a more noticeable, some might say greater, impact on me than when things are going well. When we reach rock bottom and still choose to say that God is greater than our circumstance, it’s a powerful feeling that has never failed to lift me up and give me hope. And as we lift up that prayer to God of our faithfulness to Him, He in turn reminds us of His faithfulness to us. Just as the brightness of the stars is made noticeable by the black night, God’s love can make the greatest impact on us when we’re overwhelmed with the negatives of life. I am so thankful for this song and it means quite a lot to me. Whether you are from First Christian or not, I pray that this song blesses you (lyrics are in the description btw), that it can become your anthem and a song of hope when you’re low. Again, please subscribe to our YouTube channel here for a new video every Monday and let us know what you’d like to see us cover! Also, if you don’t already, follow me on Instagram here for even more musical things and lots of me trying to be funny. Now, without further ado, here is “Never Let Me Go” live at Zombinit Outbreak!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Last Year's Christmas Song

  Surprise! New Christmas song from us to you! Happy holidays everybody! Leave a comment and let me know what you think!